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How to Use Motivational Patches to Motivate and Recognize Baseball Players

The patches are a motivational program that really works. As we all know, keeping players motivated is one of the most important challenges a coach faces. Motivational patches give kids something additional to play for and makes it more fun! As a coach you will enjoy the happiness and smiles they bring, along with the extra effort your players will display. Your time as a coach should be about creating good memories; and patches will help you do just that! You will also be amazed at the difference they make in your players attitude, enthusiasm and play.

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Feedback from Coaches

Don, Just wanted to say Thank you for the Motivational Patches. This was a GREAT Coaching Tool! We just won the City Championship Game.
My Boys sure did work hard for those Patches and earned the right to be called CITY CHAMPIONS. ~ Coach Freitag

Don, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the content information of your website and offering the motivational patches. I have been coaching youth baseball for 6 years and struggled keeping the kids engaged and focused on during games and practices. This year I coached a U10 team and implemented the use of your motivational patches. What a difference this has made. The kids loved the patches, worked hard to earn them, challenged their teammates to earn more, opposing teams wanted them, and our team performed much better than in years past. I’m hooked on the patches, please continue to offer them. ~ Coach Hanson

Don, I’m amazed at what these little patches are doing f or my 7-9 year-old team. They are more focused and they all can’t wait for the next "patch ceremony" to see who wins. I only give them out for stuff they can control like defensive decisions, hustle, attitude, character etc. We had a big trouble-maker on the team who is suddenly fairly well-behaved in hopes to win a patch. Thanks! ~ Coach Steve

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I first used the patches in 2008 as an idea from another coach who had used them and really liked how the kids responded. I gave it a try and it was a great success as the kids enjoyed getting the patches and as a coach I was able to reward kids for playing hard, hustling, and giving their best effort. Often players will evaluate their game based on how many hits they had or whether or not they made errors in the field. With the patches I'm able to reward the kids for things that might not show up in the scorebook. This can be especially handy if you know a player is a little down because of a strike out or two or a bad play in the field. You can pick out something that they did well during the game and reward them with a patch. This can really help them feel good about their contribution during the game.

I gave the patches to the kids as a keepsake and of course I started seeing them on the shirt they would wear to practice or on their bat bag. It's a fun thing to do and the kids really enjoy it. Just make sure they know where they can't put them!

Basically, you can use the patches to help achieve your objectives, and this varies from team to team. Use them to motivate your players, to encourage hustle and aggressive play, to encourage them to practice on their own, for good defense, for listening to the Coach, for improving at a particular skill or for anything you want to encourage.

Patch size

1 inch diameter, iron-on, 100% embroidery, available in multiples of 10

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How Many Patches?

How many patches you will need depends on how you plan to use them to motivate your players. So, the first thing to do is to think about what you want to achieve.

Think of the things you really want to achieve and to teach and how the patches can be used to motivate your team. Put it on paper and add up how many patches of which color. That's the best way. It's better than the guessing method I used the first year when I ran out of patches!

As a rule of thumb, I would say that most coaches will give out 10 to 20 patches per player during a season if they are giving patches for practice attendance.

Instructions For Ironing on Patches

Motivational Patch Pricing

Standard shipping is $2.95 per order to anywhere in the U.S.

QuanityPrice per PatchSample Cost (not including shipping)
10 - 100$0.5010 x $0.50 = $5.00
100 x $0.50 = $50.00
110 - 200$0.45110 x $0.45 = $49.50
200 x $0.45 = $90.00
210 +$0.40210 x $0.40 = $84.00
300 x $0.40 = $120.00

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