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Pitch Count and Other ASMI Recommendations

Pitch Counts

AgeMax. Pitches
Per Game
Max. Games
Per Week

Recovery Times

Age1 Day Rest2 Day Rest3 Day Rest4 Day Rest

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Age Recommendation For Learning Various Pitches

The survey also presented recommendations for the age at which a player could learn different types of pitches. These are listed below.

Survey - Age Recommendation for Learning Various Pitches

Fastball8 - 10
Change-Up10 - 13
Curve ball14 - 16
Knuckle ball15 - 18
Slider16 - 18
Fork ball16 - 18
Screw ball17 - 19

Pitch Count Plus Other Factors

Other factors to take into account as you determine, "How many pitches should I allow my player to pitch?".

You can find the ASMI position statement at: http://www.asmi.org/asmiweb/position_statement.htm

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