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Sample Chapter from Winning the Mental Way by Karlene Sugarman


QCBaseball Editor's Note

Many people believe the mental side of baseball is limited to knowing "what the situation is" and "where to go with the ball". Certainly being a smart player who thinks ahead is important, but being able to approach each situation with confidence and a positive mental approach is more important for a player to be successful. A player may know where to throw the ball if it's hit to him, but if he's hoping that the ball doesn't get hit to him, he's already programmed to fail. It's been said that baseball is 90% mental. If that's the case, how can we do a better job as coaches in teaching the mental part of the game? Being mentally prepared to succeed on the field involves a number of different variables. Whether you realize it or not, as a coach you're influencing the way your players deal with those variables. The book "Winning the Mental Way" discusses a number of those different variables that go into the mental makeup of athletes. I believe this book will help any coach improve his/her ability to teach the mental side of athletics. I'm proud to be able to post a sample chapter from the book. The chapter "Communication is the Key" provides some great information that we all can use to provide a consistent and positive learning environment for our players.

Winning the Mental Way

Table of Contents

Ch 1: In the Zone
Ch 2: Getting it Together (team building)
Ch 3: Team Cohesion: How important is it?
Ch 4: What Makes a Great Leader
Ch 5: Communication is the Key
Ch 6: Getting Motivated
Ch 7: On a Mission (creating a mission statement)
Ch 8: Goal Setting
Ch 9: Stress and Relaxation
Ch 10: The Art of Imagery
Ch 11: Just Concentrate!
Ch 12: Positive Self-talk
Ch 13: Improve Your Self-confidence
Ch 14: Handling Adversity (imjuries, choking, slumps)

Winning the Mental Way. Copyright © 1999 by Karlene Sugarman. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form.


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