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Situations - Bunt Defense (Play 2)

Bunt Defense (Play 1)

Runner on First and Second
Goal: Get the out at third base

With this play, your going to try and get the force out at third base. The key to the play is the pitcher and shortstop working together to decrease the lead of the runner at second.

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As the pitcher completes his stretch he will look back to second base, the shortstop will make a break toward second to get the runner to take a couple of steps back. If he doesn't move the shortstop should continue to second and the pitcher should step off or attempt a pickoff at second. This play should not be confused with a daylight pickoff play, as the pickoff attempt should only be made when it's obvious the shortstop is continuing toward second and not breaking toward third. If the runner does move back towards second, the shortstop will immediately break towards third base. When the pitcher sees the shortstop clear the runner on his way to third, he should pitch the ball.

By limiting the lead of the runner off second and having three infielders charging hard, there is a good chance that you will be able to get the runner at third.

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Field any ball that is in front of you that you can get to before or at the same time as the pitcher or first baseman. You have an easier throw since your momentum is moving you towards the field. Chances are if you and any fielder are going to arrive at the bunted ball at the same time, then there will most likely only be a play at first base. Remember, you are in charge of where the ball is to be thrown. The goal is to try and get the out at third, but on a ball that is bunted well, you may have to call for the ball to go to first.


You will break towards home as the pitcher delivers the pitch to the plate. Go in under control and make sure the hitter doesn't fake the bunt and then swing away.


Both the first and third baseman will be charging, so you will charge straight in from the mound. The key here is the shortstop. As you come set look back to second, the shortstop will fake a pick towards second and then break to third base, once the shortstop clears the runner on his way to third, pitch the ball.


In this situation, position yourself as if you're holding the runner at first. As the pitcher takes his stretch, start creeping in toward home and break as he starts his delivery.


You will be covering first on the play.


You will move behind the baserunning on a fake pick play. The goal is to try and get the runner to take a step back toward second and then break to 3rd base to cover that base. The pitcher will be keying on you.


Back up third base.


Back up second base.


Back up first base.

Bunt Defense (Play 1)

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