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Collective Coaching Wisdom for Youth Baseball
Ideas and Inspiration from America's Community Coaches to You
by David A. Ham and Janice B. Sibley


Book Description

This unique book captures "word-of-mouth" tips, advice, and ideas from 26 of America's most extraordinary community coaching hometown heroes - everyday people who are considered by their own youth-league communities to be exceptional coaches for promoting excellence, pride, fun, excitement, and teamwork while teaching kids the mechanical aspects of baseball. Advice is provided on how to quickly create an atmosphere of pride, fun, excitement, and teamwork while continuing to teach kids the mechanical aspects of baseball and promoting excellence on the field. Lessons learned by coaches are passed along through organized sections of coaches' tips, coaches' favorite drills, and classic anecdotes of the trials and triumphs of leading groups of young players.

The coaches' tips & advice section of the book offers proven strategies for organizing a team, holding pre-season parent meetings, conducting fun and effective practices, coaching and motivating players during games, managing parents, working with umpires, and making it all fun. Also included in this section is advice on minimizing sports injuries in players, adapting a coaching style for children, and working successfully with youth baseball umpires. Sidebars bring home the book's personality by highlighting the individual coaches, displaying their locally taken pictures and providing explanations of the special qualities that made the authors consider each of them worthy of "hometown hero" status.

The coaches' favorite drills section contains 40 time-tested practice routines relayed by the hometown hero coaches - plenty of drills to guide any coach through a season of practices. For quick browsing and selection, each drill has been rated to suggest a player age focus, a fun rating and a fundamental skill rating. Drills are also categorized by skill type such as fielding, pitching, hitting, catching, base running, full team, and so on, to help coaches create balanced learning situations. Many of the drills include photographs illustrating the practice formations being described.

The coaches' memorable stories section is a collection of personal stories - some humorous, some touching, some inspirational - shared by the hometown hero coaches. These stories can be read for personal enjoyment or used as inspiring words for players during a practice or a game.

This book is a "road map" for the season from 26 coaches who've been there!

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Table of Contents (Condensed)

About the Authors
Our Thanks
A Brief Introduction - How to Use This Book

SECTION 1 - Coaches' Tips & Advice
Organizing Your Team

Conducting Practice

Coaching During Games

Advice from the Experts

SECTION 2 - Coaches' Favorite Drills
Hitting Off the Tee
Bean Bag Catch
Plus 37 more!

SECTION 3 - Coaches' Memorable Stories
Take Two
Split Decision
Endless Runner
Plus 17 more!

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