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Before I have a parent meeting, I like to hand out a parent letter to let the parents know about my coaching philosophy and plans for the season. I then take a few minutes at the parent meeting to discuss the contents of the letter and find out if there are any concerns. I feel this is the most important step I can take to avoid parent problems during the season. Below is a sample letter that I use as a template and modify year to year depending on age (this one was written for a 8-9 year old team). You're welcome to use and modify it for your own parent meeting. I've posted a Word document that you can download and modify, along the sample letter below.

Sample Parent Letter (Word)

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Dear Parent(s):

I wanted to take this opportunity to put in writing my coaching philosophy and my goals for your child and the team this season. Youth baseball can be an exciting and fun opportunity for your child to learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun. As fun as it can be for your child, different expectations from the coach, parent(s), and player can take away from that positive experience in a number of ways. As you read through this letter please make sure that my philosophy fits with your expectations of what you want for your child and how you believe the team should be run. If not, this is your opportunity to let me know.

Coaching Philosophy


With this age group, I have 5 primary coaching objectives which I believe are equally important.

  1. Help your child develop the skills necessary to be successful at this level and to prepare your child for next season.
  2. To have fun and have the kids develop a love for the game.
  3. Learn about the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.
  4. Give positive reinforcement based on effort rather than results.
  5. Provide a safe and healthy environment for all the kids on the team.

Playing Time and Positions

For this age group there is a drastic difference in skill level among the kids. I want to give the kids an opportunity to play a number of different positions and I'll make sure each player gets a chance each game to play in the infield for a couple of innings. I will not have a player pitch or catch that I don't feel has the ability to play the position at this time. This really is a safety issue as much as anything. Plus, I want to puts kids in positions where I feel they have the best chance of being successful. That doesn't mean they won't have the ability by the end of the season and I will always work with the kids at those positions during practice if they are interested.

Team Rules and Discipline

We will have a few team rules that we will make at the first practice. Rules may be added during the season if necessary. I use a "penalty box" for the kids when they are not behaving or break a team rule. This takes the child away from the team and they are not allowed to participate in practice for a few minutes.

Player Expectations

  1. Have fun and always give your best effort.
  2. I expect players to always show respect for the coaches, parents, and other players on the team.
  3. Spend time outside of practice playing baseball.

Parent Expectations

  1. Please try to get your child to practice and games on time. I know this can be difficult at times and impossible at other times, but it's really hard to conduct practice or get ready for a game when players continually show up late. If you know your child will be late or won't be able to make it to a practice or game, please let me know in advance if possible.
  2. Help out with team volunteer opportunities. We have a number of items that require parent help.
  3. Get involved in playing baseball with your child. This may be helping out with at practice or playing catch in the yard on days we don't practice. Kids love it when their parents get involved. Repetition is also crucial for skill improvement. There simply isn't enough organized practice time for the kids. They need to work on the skills they learn at practice at home also.
  4. Please encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every game and practice. Please cheer for your child during games, but try to keep from yelling instructions to them. Remember this is their opportunity to enjoy playing in the game. Much of the fun is lost if their Mom or Dad is always yelling instructions.
  5. Please let me know if you have a problem with me or something that is happening. Same holds true if your child isn't happy about something. I want to know if there is a problem right away. With this age group, very small things can cause a child to be upset. These problems can be fixed very easily if I know about them.
  6. Safety is a primary concern for me. Unfortunately, I can't watch every child every second. If you see any situation that you believe is a safety concern, please step in and help. Make sure you follow up with me so I know what has happened.

I'm looking forward to a fun and rewarding season. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call me.


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