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One of the first requirements as a catcher is learning as much about your pitching staff as possible. You need to know each pitcher's strengths and weaknesses. You must also learn how to call a game. Many times a coach may be calling the pitches from the bench, but you still must be in tune with the flow of the game and it's up to you to make sure the pitcher hits different locations by giving a good target. Learn as much information as you can about pitching. You need to be on the same page as the pitcher.

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Catcher is one of most difficult positions to play. It takes practice and determination to become a quality catcher. Hopefully this section will provide you with some information to help you on your way.


Take your stretching and conditioning seriously. Often pregame or practice stretching and conditioning is done half-heartedly by many position players. As a catcher you are in a position that is physically more demanding than any position on the field. Your ability to avoid injury and play the position for many years requires that you are well conditioned.


Talk to the starting pitcher after he has completed his warm-up. How does he feel? How is his control? What pitches is he having trouble with? What pitches are working well? Compare that with your impression from his warm-up. Use the information above to come up with an approach for the first time through the lineup. After a couple of innings you may notice that things that weren't working during the warm-up are working now.


A pitcher with arm trouble won't be a pitcher for long. The same holds true for a catcher. Make sure you warm-up properly for each practice and game. Throw as much as you can to build arm strength and make sure you always warm-up slowly.

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