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All patches are packaged in a quantity of 10 per package. Please specify the quantity of packages of patches below and click on "Update Order" to view your order totals:

Price per patch:
0-90 Patches: $0.50 per patch ($5.00 per package of 10)
100-190 Patches: $0.45 per patch ($4.50 per package of 10)
200 + Patches: $0.40 per patch ($4.00 per package of 10)

*Sale: Only $0.25 per patch while supplies last. (Save 50%)
sample pack 2Packages:
red baseball patchPackages:
defense patchPackages:
effort/attitude patchPackages:
victory patchPackages:
lightning bolt patchPackages: lightning bolt yellow patchPackages:
blue star patchPackages: gold star patchPackages:
red star patchPackages: green star patchPackages:
purple star patchPackages: silver star patchPackages:
teamwork patchPackages: character patchPackages:
happy face patchPackages: bravery patchPackages:
shamrock patchPackages:   
Shipping to:
Discount Code:
*3-pack sale patches do not count toward or are included in any other discounts. Other discounts are calculated by quantity but these sale items are not included in that calculation and are not eligable for any additional discount.

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