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All patches are packaged in a quantity of 10 per package. Please specify the quantity of packages of patches below and click on "Update Order" to view your order totals:

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0-90 Patches: $0.50 per patch ($5.00 per package of 10)
100-190 Patches: $0.45 per patch ($4.50 per package of 10)
200 + Patches: $0.40 per patch ($4.00 per package of 10)

red baseball patchPackages:
defense patchPackages:
effort/attitude patchPackages:
victory patchPackages:
lightning bolt patchPackages: lightning bolt yellow patchPackages:
blue star patchPackages: gold star patchPackages:
red star patchPackages: green star patchPackages:
purple star patchPackages: silver star patchPackages:
teamwork patchPackages: character patchPackages:
happy face patchPackages: bravery patchPackages:
shamrock patchPackages:   
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