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One exciting aspect of baseball is that a player with less ability can rise up and become a better player than the pure athlete. While this can be said of many sports, it is especially true in baseball. The reason is the large number of skills that are required for a player to become a complete ballplayer. There may be no substitute for speed, but in baseball speed alone will not get a player very far, or even off the bench for that matter.

If you're a player, you must focus during practice. If you are working on fielding a backhand play, then work on the skill as if that's the play you're going to have to make for the league championship. You never know, it just might be! In addition to the work ethic you display at practice there are many skills that you can develop working by yourself at home. How good of a player do you want to be? Make sure your effort reflects the answer.

The ability of a baseball player to rise above more talented athletes is not only attributed to his desire, but also to the coaching he has received. Repetition of a skill is essential for a player to become proficient in that skill. Repeating that skill improperly also ingrains a skill, unfortunately an incorrect one.

Many times practices are jammed with drill after drill designed to improve the skills of players in many different areas. How these drills are performed is much more important than the drill itself. As a coach, you may be rushing players around from drill to drill during practice. Make sure your player's understand that while it's important to move quickly to the next drill, it's also important to take time and perform the skill properly at that station. It's always better to get 10 quality swings at a soft toss drill than to rush through 20 poor swings. In short, quality not quantity should always be the objective of all baseball drills used during practice.

Coaching Tips

Often players run from station to station during practice where they have a few minutes to work on a certain drill. Here are a couple of tips to keep the rotation running smoothly:


In this section we will cover many different drills that can be used to improve baseball skills. If you have an additional drill that you find particularly helpful, please send us an e-mail and we'll consider adding it to our site.

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