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Welcome to the QCBaseball Backyard Pitching Lessons! QCBaseball has teamed up with Paul Reddick to provide a series of video pitching lessons that will cover what young pitchers need to do in order to prepare themselves to move up through the baseball ranks.

- These videos will cover pitching mechanics, explaining the fundamental aspects of the pitching motion;

- The mental side of pitching;

- Proper workouts to help get you into and keep you in pitching shape;

- How to avoiding and prevent pitching injuries;

- Techniques you can use on the mound to get hitters out!

Pitching Video Lesson Series

About Paul Reddick

I've had the opportunity to get to know Paul over the last few years and what I really like about him is his postive attutude and honesty. I've been approached by many "baseball guru's" and more times than not I'm left with the feeling that it is all about the money. With Paul I've always felt that while he wants a successful business, that is secondary to his primary mission of helping pitchers succeed.

Paul has served as a scout for Pittsburgh Pirates, a state delegate for USA Baseball and coached in the Montreal Expo farm system.

His signature velocity getting course The 90mph Club is used by more pitchers than any other single pitching training program.

Paul is currently the Director of The Yogi Berra Museum baseball camp and the Co-Author of the best seller The Picture Perfect Pitcher with Tom House and Mike Epstein on Hitting with Mike Epstein.

You can learn more about Paul and his pitching program by visiting his website:

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