Baseball Drills: Catching

Drill: Hockey Goalie (Blocking pitches in the dirt)

This game builds upon the last drill but adds a little competition while helping your catchers develop the skill of blocking pitches in the dirt.

Catcher in full gear; 2 cones; baseballs

Place a cone on each side of the catcher. Vary width depending on age, skill level.

Coach will position himself about 30 feet in front of the plate depending on arm strength. For younger players I would recommend having a coach or parent throw the balls instead of a player.

Throw balls to the catcher between the cones. Throw most in the dirt, but also throw some in the air to make sure the catcher isn't dropping early. Vary throws on each side and in front of the catcher.

Throw 10 pitches and count the number of goals allowed.

Repeat the drill 2 or 3 times.

Track goals allowed from practice to practice.

When catcher is consistently blocking most pitches, widen cones to force the catcher to take a step before dropping. See Skills: Cather Blocking for technique.

Motivational Patches

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