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Drill: Throwing to Second

Helps to teach the catcher the importance of quick feet and proper technique when throwing to second base.

Catchers gear, baseballs, stop watch

Have a player or two cover second base. A pitcher on the mound to throw a pitch and your catchers behind the plate.

Have the pitcher go through his stretch motion and pitch the ball to the catcher who is behind the plate. The catcher will catch the ball and throw to second as if a runner is stealing.

The coach should time the catcher as he makes the throw. Start the stop watch when the ball hits the glove and stop the stop watch when the tag is applied by the fielder covering second.

By waiting for the tag to be applied, you will be emphasizing the importance of accuracy in throwing a runner out.

For young catchers there is a tendency to take an extra step so they can get something extra on the throw. This drill will show them that it's more important to release the ball quickly than it is to take extra time and throw the ball harder.

This drill can be used when throwing to other bases as well.

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