Hitting - Hips Lead the Hands


Now that we know how to start our swing by dropping our front heel and turning our back knee, we're ready to continue our swing. The first thing we're going to focus on is good hip rotation. The majority of your power is going to come from the lower half. If you drop your heel and turn the back knee and then leave the rest of your swing up to your arms, you'll never be able to drive the ball well. The hip turn must be a powerful and compete motion.


Hip Rotation - Checkpoint

It can be easier to get full hip rotation if you stride with your front foot slightly open

There will be weight transfered

Try to rotate against a stiff front leg. Dipping the front leg will rob you of some power and drop your head.

The back heel should be pointed up. Make sure you don't leave the back heel on the ground or you will not have full hip rotation.

Motivational Patches

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