Using a Batting Tee to Improve Hitting

This page really was created in response to a number of marketing ads I had been seeing that implied that a batting tee was a poor instructional teaching aid. If a coach just sends a player over to a station to hit off a tee, then it could be a poor teaching aid that leads to bad habits. If used correctly though, the batting tee is a great coaching tool for helping players work on certain skills and build muscle memory for that skill.

I have to apologize for the format of these videos as I used my phone for the videos for the first time and didn't really think about it being HD and so I had to rotate the videos when I uploaded. I hope as the weather gets better to re-record these so they are a little better in quality.

In this first video I just wanted to give coaches and players my input on why I think a batting tee is a great tool for working on many aspects of a player's swing.

In this second video I discuss ways that the batting tee can be used as a station in your baseball practices to improve your players hitting.

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I enjoy your site, and the patches have been great for my team(this is my second order of them..). I actually am trying to get a patch program started for the younger leagues at the park I am at.

Thanks again

- Brian S.