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Push Bunt


The purpose of the push bunt, like the drag bunt, is to get a base hit. For right-handed hitters, look for the same situation that left-handed hitters look for when performing a drag bunt. Look to push the bunt past the pitcher toward the second baseman.

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For left-handed hitters, look for the same situation right-handed hitters look for when laying down a drag bunt. Push the bunt down the third base line.

Coaching Advice

The push bunt is generally more difficult for a player to master than a drag bunt. Make sure the player is not only a good sacrifice bunter but also a good drag bunter before having them work on the push bunt. For the left-handed hitter, the push bunt is difficult because the instinct is to run during the bunt. This works much better with a drag bunt than with a push bunt. Emphasize laying down the bunt before running. For the right-handed hitter, the push bunt requires the hitter to move the bat towards the ball on contact to provide enough force to push it past the pitcher. A common error is to try and hit the ball too hard.


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