Baseball Drills: Outfield : Get the Angle

Drill: Get the Angle

Gives outfielders practice at taking the proper angle to cut-off a ball in the gap and circle the ball if time allows.


Have outfielder start about 50 feet in front of you. Have a line of outfielder a few feet away.


outfield baseball drillsThis drill has the coach throw balls on the ground and in the air to simulate different balls that are hit in the outfield gaps. If you have difficulty throwing a tennis racket can be used. This will help you have better control over where the ball goes.

Have the players work on taking the proper angle to the ball making sure they error on the side of getting behind the ball and not letting it get by. Emphasize to the players that by getting behind the ball they will be in a good position to make a throw.

For more information see: Outfield Skills

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Nice site! I'm an ex professional baseball umpire from 30 yrs ago and came across this site when researching dropped 3rd strike situations. It has to do with "running lane" interpretations...Take care and keep up the great work!

- Todd E.