Baseball Drills: Outfield : Drop Step - Inside Turn

Drill: Drop Step - Inside Turn

Give outfielders practice at performing a drop step and adjusting to a ball hit at an angle over their heads.


Have outfielder start about 10 feet in front of you. Have a line of outfielder a few feet away.

outfield baseball drillsWith the ball in your hand, point in one direction, player should take a drop step to that side and continue back at an angle. After he has taken a few steps, move the ball to the other side. The player should plant with outside leg and take an inside step to change directions. He should be able to keep his eyes on you the entire time. Change directions one more time, then throw the ball at about the same angle he is heading for him to catch.

To add difficulty make the throw in the opposite direction to force one more inside step.

Notes: This drill will help a player adjust to the ball that is hit very high, or has a slice to it, but not way over his head. As with all outfield play make sure your players don't drift to the ball.

For more information see: Outfield Skills

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