Baseball Drills: Outfield : Turn Your Back

Drill: Drop Step - Turn Your Back

Give outfielders practice at performing a drop step and adjusting to a ball hit deep over their heads.


Have outfielder start about 10 feet in front of you. Have a line of outfielder a few feet away.

outfield baseball drillsWith the ball in your hand, point in one direction, player should take a deep drop step to that side and continue back at an deep angle, but no so deep that he can't look over his shoulder and see you. After he has taken a few steps, move the ball to the other side. The player should turn his head and change his angle to the other direction picking you up as soon as possible. Change directions one more time, then throw the ball over his head for him to catch.

To add difficulty make the throw over the other shoulder to force one more turn.

Notes: On a ball that is hit deep over an outfielder's head, the wind, the slice of the ball, or an incorrect angle can put an outfielder in a position where the ball is going to land over the opposite shoulder of where he is looking. This drill will help an outfielder gain confidence in what is a very difficult catch.

For more information see: Outfield Skills

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