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If you've spent much time on this site you know I don't endorse many products but I found one that I really like and was pleased when it exceeded my expectations. I think this is a great affordable product that every coach would want to use as part of their practices.

Quick Hitter Product

What is the Quick Hitter?

You can think of the Quick Hitter as a replacement for your soft-toss stations. It's a light weight pole with tongs on the one end to pick up a baseball and a handle at the other that controls the tongs which allows you to deliver the baseball with a short accurate toss directly into the hitting zone.

Better Results

Simply put, I've found the Quick Hitter to provide a better way to practice soft-toss. The big advantage is the ball is delivered out in front of the hitter, instead of being tossed in from a distance and at an angle as with traditional soft-toss.

This new approach for soft-toss teaches a hitter to develop a more compact and level swing, while at the same time helps prevent a big wind up or over striding. Also, with traditional soft-toss, the angle of the toss may often result in a hitter looping their swing to get the bat head around to the ball that comes from the outside in. The Quick Hitter helps solve this problem by keeping the ball directly out in front of the batter.

More Accurate

The Quick Hitter also allows a player to work on hitting different pitch locations because it's able to provide an accurate delivery of the ball more consistently. If you have ever tried working on an inside pitch location with soft-toss, the ball has to come all the way across from the other side of the plate. It's just not that easy to place the ball in the desired location of the strike zone, not to mention repeating that same inside pitch location over and over.


Unless you have an screen setup for your soft-toss station, the Quick Hitter is much safer for the person running the drill. They can deliver the ball out in front of the hitter while staying safely on the side. Also, the Quick Hitter eliminates all the bending and kneeling that's associated with traditional soft-toss.

Learn more at the Quick Hitter Web Site.

I liked the product so much I asked permission to place a couple of the drills on the web site to show how easy it is to use.

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