Baseball Drills: Hitting: Introduction
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Drill: Coil (Hitting Series - Part 1)

Helps players develop a routine for getting into the box, getting into their stance and coiling. Also develops the timing used when coiling.

Bat and helmet.

This drill can be done as a group with no bats or a batting practice station.

Each player will get the proper grip on the bat and step into an imaginary batters box (use a glove to simulate a plate).

Each player will take their stance and get ready for the pitch.

Coach will simulate a windup and deliver an imaginary pitch. The hitter will work on his coil and freeze when he has completed it.

Things to watch for:

  • Proper grip.
  • Does the player look comfortable and relaxed.
  • Is the weight shift enough or too much. Example: Hitter should not be rolling the weight onto the outside of the back foot (too much).
  • Are the hands in the proper position.
  • Can the hitter still see well. Sometimes players will turn in their lead shoulder and hip too much, which will cause the head to turn also. When the player freezes, check to see that you can see both eyes.

Have the player repeat the drill, stepping out of the box and getting the sign from the third base coach each time.

Does a player have to coil?

No a player doesn't have to coil, so it really comes down to the preference of the player. Here is more information on why a player may or may not want to incorporate a coil into their hitting: Hitting - Coil or No Coil. Even if a player doesn't coil, the other check points are still valid for making sure he is in a good position to start his stride.


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Just wanted to say Thank you for the great website. Great information for this new coach. It sounds like baseball gave a lot to your life, so thanks for giving back to baseball.

- Ray K.