Baseball Drills: Hitting

Drill: Tee Drill - Working on Pitch Locations

Helps a player effectively work on hitting pitches in all locations.

Using a Batting Tee to Improve Hitting

Bat and helmet; Batting Tee

This drill can be used as a batting practice station.

Start by placing the ball in the middle of the plate thigh high. Take a few swings.

Move the tee in and forward to simulate an inside pitch. Take a few swings.

Move the ball outside and back to simulate an outside pitch. Take a few swings.

Use the three placements above and this time vary the height of the tee to simulate high and low pitches.

Note: Move the tee to simulate different locations, not the hitter's position in the box. Visualization is important in this drill. Have the hitter look out to where the pitcher would be. Have him imagine a windup and pitch and tracking the ball into the actual location on the tee where he will hit it.

Motivational Patches

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Nice site! I'm an ex professional baseball umpire from 30 yrs ago and came across this site when researching dropped 3rd strike situations. It has to do with "running lane" interpretations...Take care and keep up the great work!

- Todd E.