Baseball Drills: Hitting

Drill: Inside, Outside

This drill helps a player work on hitting inside and outside pitches while keeping his stride the same.

Baseball Instruction - Stride

Bat and helmet; 2 Batting Tees; Baseballs

This drill can be used as a batting practice station or as part of a team defensive drill.

Set one tee up in front of the plate on the inside to simulate an inside pitch. Place the other tee in the middle of the plate on the outside to simulate an outside pitch. The tee for the inside pitch should be set lower than the outside tee.

Place two balls on the tees.

Have the player take his stride and call out inside or outside as he completes his stride.

The player will then have to swing and hit the appropriate ball. By calling the location out after the stride, you have eliminated the hitter from cheating during the stride.

Motivational Patches

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I've been able to watch a lot of your hitting videos and found them extremely helpful.

- Michael B.