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Drill: Team Double Cutoff

Baserunning, team cutoffs and defensive situations

Baseballs, batting helmets and a fungo

Split the team into 3 groups of 4. Have a catcher and 3 outfielders in 1 group, infield positions in another group and 4 baserunners.

Start with a runner at home and line drives into the outfield. If you have a fence have the outfielders let the ball go to the fence. If not have the outfielders play deeper to simulate getting the ball deep. Setup and perform a double cut to third base to try and prevent the triple. Have a third base and first base coach and all players should act like it's a game situation. After each ball is thrown in, have the defense hustle back to their positions, call out the number of outs and the situation. This should just take just a few seconds and then you're ready to hit the next ball.

After a few minutes have the groups rotate, giving each group a chance at each spot.

double cut hit to left center    double cut hit to right center

Move a player to first base and run the same drill working on a double cut to home.

double cut to home - hit to left    double cut to home - hit to left center

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