Baseball Drills: Team Baseball Drills : Full Count or 2-1 Scrimmage

Drill: Full Count or 2-1 Scrimmage

This scrimmage is designed to speed up the pace of a normal scrimmage and put pressure on the pitcher to throw strikes and the hitter to swing.

Game equipment

Split your team into 2 squads.

Decide on a 3-2 or 2-1 count to start each hitter. This will depend on age and how far you are into the season.

Other than the count you will be playing a normal scrimmage.

This scrimmage forces the pitcher to try and throw a first pitch strike. There is no room for error especially with older players that start off 3-2. This drill also helps players go up to the plate with the attitude that they are going to have to swing the bat.

Motivational Patches

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