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Drill: Team Signal Scrimmage

Teach players to look for signals on each pitch. Give team an opportunity to execute and defense a number of plays during a game type situation.

Game Equipment

Split your team into 2 squads. One will play offense, one defense, just like a regular game. The defensive team doesn't need a full outfield. You may want to have a coach pitch to move things along.

Similar to a real game, except the 3rd base coach will continually put the game in motion.

  • Each half inning starts with a runner on 1st.
  • Coach will signal a play each pitch. Bunt, steal, hit & run, etc.
  • Outs are recorded, but there will always be at least 1 runner on base at all times.
Motivational Patches

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I found your website by "googling" for a baseball website to give me some advice about helping my grandson with basic skills. I have been reading with great interest until my eyes get "bleary". Good stuff. Really good stuff. You are providing the kind of advice I was looking for and you do a very thorough job of it. Keep up the great work.
A big fan,

- Stephen B.