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Baseball Drills: Team Cutoff

Baserunning, team cutoffs and defensive situations

Baseballs, batting helmets and a fungo

Split the team into 3 groups of 4. Have a catcher and 3 outfielders in 1 group, infield positions in another group and 4 baserunners.

Start with a runner at home and hit fly balls and line drives into the outfield. Have a third base and first base coach and all players should act like it's a game situation. After each ball is thrown in, have the defense hustle back to their positions, call out the number of outs and the situation. This should just take just a few seconds and then you're ready to hit the next ball.

After a few minutes have the groups rotate, giving each group a chance at each spot.

Coaching Note: Younger players will make many mistakes in this drill. It could be easy to find yourself in a situation where you spend more time talking than the kids do playing. Resist the urge to correct every problem and instead talk about mistakes that you see multiple times when you rotate.

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