Baseball Drills: Playing Catch : One Knee

Drill: One Knee (Throwing Series - Part 2)

Develops players upper body throwing mechanics.


Players pair up with gloves and 1 baseball for each pair.

Players get on one knee(throwing arm side) about 15 feet from their partner.
The player with the ball will rotate his shoulder toward the target, bring his arm back with his hand on top, use a good circular motion and throw the ball.
Build on the wrist and elbow drill, making sure the player bends his elbow and uses his wrist.

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I just wanted to tell you that the article about coaching your kid was great! It is the same approach I have taken with my son who is 10 and I have coached in most everything. I was looking up information because last night we had a setback! He was very whiney on the field and I know he wouldn't have been that way if his Dad wasn't in the Dugout!

Anyway, I was reminded of our discussions about coach/player and dad/son and we're due to talk again!

- Jay F.