Baseball Drills: Playing Catch : Workup Game

Drill: Workup Game (Throwing Series - Combined)

Competition to work on all portions of the throwing series with the emphasis on accuracy.

Glove and Baseballs

Players pair up with gloves and 1 baseball for each pair. Have one group stand stationary on a foul line. Have the other group start about 6 feet away (depending on age and skill level) on one knee ready to throw with his wrist only.

This is a throwing accuracy competition. Each pair will make the same amount of throws as every other pair. You don't want this to be a race. With the players in position as described above have them wait for you to say 'go' or blow a whistle. They will throw to their partner with just the wrist and the partner will throw back. If they can do this without dropping the ball, they can move back a few feet and then use elbow and wrist to throw.

They will workup through the throwing series stages. If a ball is dropped they have to keep at that stage until they are successful. First pair to complete will win. You can do a number of variations depending on age and skill.

Motivational Patches

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I reviewed the hitting section of your web site. Some the information I already knew, but you had some additional information that I hadn’t considered before which made a lot sense to me. So I used your suggestions and what I knew and worked with the kid for about four hours before the next tournament to get him straightened out. There was a lot to straighten out too. He was mess. We started on the tee, proceeded to short toss, than the pitching machine. After working to get his mechanics straightened out on the tee, he started hitting really well on the short toss and the pitching machine. I was fairly confident that he was now going to hit in his games. We finished up and then went to the ballpark for the first game of his tournament. Anyway, to make a long story short, my son went 8 for 9 hitting a triple, a double, and six singles over four games. He was hitting so well that his coach moved him up in the line-up for the last game. He’s continued to hit well in practice ever since. So thanks for all the hitting tips on your website. They were a big help in getting his hitting mechanics straightened out!

- Randal M.