Baseball Drills: Playing Catch : Stationary

Drill: Stationary (Throwing Series - Part 3)

Players learn how to line up their body and follow through when throwing the baseball.

Glove and Baseballs

Players pair up with gloves and 1 baseball for each pair.

One player will get in the proper position to catch the ball and give the other player a target. Player with the ball will place his back foot facing perpendicular to the target. Make sure he has lined up his body in the direction of the throw. He will then step and throw to the other player. Remind the players that this is a continuation of the other throwing drills.

This drill shows them how to place their back foot and close their front side before making the throw. Check the position of the back foot and whether they are pointing their front shoulder and hip toward the target.

Check to make sure they are following through on their throw. The throwing hand should end up down by the knee of the front leg.

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