Baseball Drills: Playing Catch : Step and Throw

Drill: Step and Throw (Throwing Series - Part 4)

Players learn how to catch the baseball and then step and line up to throw in a single movement.

Glove and Baseballs

Players pair up with gloves and 1 baseball for each pair.

Both players will get in the proper position to catch the ball. Player with the ball will step forward with his throwing side leg placing down in front of him perpendicular to the target. As he places his foot down he bring his back leg forward, swiveling his body as he does this, to get lined up in the correct throwing position. As he completes the step with his back leg, he will throw the ball. Remind the players that this is a continuation of the other throwing drills.

This added step will often result in younger players not getting their back foot positioned perpendicular to the target. Make sure you watch the placement of the foot and that they still close the body and point it toward the target.

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