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Baseball Drills: Playing Catch : Relay Throwing Race

Drill: Relay Throwing Race

This is a fun team competition that helps players develop good footwork, a quick transfer of the ball from the glove to the hand, and a quick release.


2 or more lines of equal teams. Have the players space themselves equal distances apart, determine spacing based on age and average throwing ability. Start with a distance that will allow them to focus on footwork and transferring the ball, not running down an errant throw.

Start the ball on the same side of the line.

On your signal the player with the ball will throw the ball to the next player in line. The team will continue to throw it down the line from player to player.

Once the ball has got to the end of the line, the ball will be thrown back down the line to the start.

First team to get the ball back to the start wins.

Play the game a few times increasing the distance between the players each time.

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