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Baseball Drills: Playing Catch : Workup Game

Drill: Workup Game (Throwing Series - Combined)

Competition to work on all portions of the throwing series with the emphasis on accuracy.

Glove and Baseballs

Players pair up with gloves and 1 baseball for each pair. Have one group stand stationary on a foul line. Have the other group start about 6 feet away (depending on age and skill level) on one knee ready to throw with his wrist only.

This is a throwing accuracy competition. Each pair will make the same amount of throws as every other pair. You don't want this to be a race. With the players in position as described above have them wait for you to say 'go' or blow a whistle. They will throw to their partner with just the wrist and the partner will throw back. If they can do this without dropping the ball, they can move back a few feet and then use elbow and wrist to throw.

They will workup through the throwing series stages. If a ball is dropped they have to keep at that stage until they are successful. First pair to complete will win. You can do a number of variations depending on age and skill.

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