Baseball Drills: Infield : Bad Throw to First Baseman

Drill: Bad Throw

This drill helps your first baseman work on fielding balls thrown in the dirt.


Have first basemen in a line by first base.

Coach will stand midway between first and second.

Coach will throw the ball in the dirt to the first baseman. Ball should be thrown on all sides to allow first basemen to work on fielding balls in the dirt on different sides and angles.

Once a player has caught the ball he will throw it back to the coach and go to the end of the line.

For younger players use softer baseballs to allow them to gain confidence. Don't use tennis balls as they won't give a true enough hop.

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Just wanted to say Thank you for the great website. Great information for this new coach. It sounds like baseball gave a lot to your life, so thanks for giving back to baseball.

- Ray K.