Baseball Drills: Infield : Star Game

Drill: Star Game

Infield, baserunning, conditioning and competition drill

Infield area with bases and balls.

Place 1 player at each infield position except pitcher. 2-3 players are in a line at SS ready to receive a ground ball, and 2-3 players have their helmets on at home ready to be a runner.

The coach hits the ball to SS (runner begins running the bases). SS throws to 1B, 1B to 3B, 3B to 2B, and 2B to home. The goal is to make good throws and catches to beat the runner home. Rotate players so that each person gets to field, catch, throw and run during the drill/game.

This works on good throwing and catching techniques, while also working on proper base running. It is a great sort of game as the goal is to beat the runner homeā€¦infielders are then working hard to not make errors, while the base runners are working extra hard to make good turns and hit the inside of the base every time.

This drill can be modified for any team by changing where the baserunner starts from.

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Nice site! I'm an ex professional baseball umpire from 30 yrs ago and came across this site when researching dropped 3rd strike situations. It has to do with "running lane" interpretations...Take care and keep up the great work!

- Todd E.