Baseball Drills: Infield : Infield Rotation

Drill: Infield Rotation

The idea of this rotation drill is to give each infielder a chance to field 3 different types of ground balls and make a throw after fielding.

Two throw down bases or cones; extra cones to mark starting positions; baseballs; bats

Split your team into four groups.

One group will split up and catch the throw next to each coach.

Coaches/Parents are shown with hats in the diagram below.

The other three groups will be in the field in a line as shown in the diagram.

infiield baseball rotation drill

Each parent/coach will hit or throw a ground ball (yellow line in diagram) to the fielder in front of them. In this example:

  • A normal ground ball is hit to the fielder at the top.
  • A timed forehand grounder is hit to the fielder in the middle.
  • A timed backhand is hit to the fielder nearest 3rd base.

*** Timed forehand or backhand means that the fielder must wait and time his approach to the ball so he can field the ball with either a forehand or backhand.

After a number of balls have been fielded by each player, rotate the groups one spot.

Ground balls can be hit at the same time or staggered slightly. The player should field the ball, make a throw and then move to the end of the line.

* As with any drill that involves the use of a bat, safety is a primary concern. Tell your players they are not to go near a coach with a bat as they move from station to station.

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