Baseball Drills: Infield : Around the Horn

Drill: Around the Horn

This drill simulates throwing down runners, double plays, fielding grounders. Kids really enjoy it.

Infield area with bases and balls.

All infield positions are used except for the pitcher. You can use this drill with 5 or rotate more players in.


  • 5 players - all infield except for pitcher. (can rotate more in if you want, but only 5 active each time around).
  • everyone plays their position
  • ball starts with the catcher and throws to 3rd to simulate a steal throwdown
  • 3rd throws a grounder to 2nd who fields the ball and flips it to the SS covering 2nd
  • the SS throws to 1st
  • the 1st baseman throws to catcher
  • after 2 successful rounds (or whenever), players rotate. Keep rotating until all players have played all positions

You can make this deal into a team competition by keeping track of errors and who made them. Players try to finish drill with no errors.

drill layout

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