Baseball Drills: Infield : Bucket of Balls

Drill: Bucket of Balls

Fun competition that allows players to focus on fielding and making good throws.

Infield area with bases and a bucket or bag of balls.

All infield positions are used except for the pitcher.

This drill requires a minimum of 5 players but can accomidate more. Start with a player at each position and the drill proceeds much like a standard infield. Empty the balls near home plate and count them before the drill starts or keep track of errors. Place the bucket in foul territory next to 3rd base.

  • Start the drill by hitting a ground ball to the 3rd baseman and have him throw to 1st. 1st baseman will then throw to the catcher who will throw it to 3rd and the 3rd baseman will put the ball in the bucket.
  • Next ground ball to the SS with the throw to 1st and then to the catcher who this time will throw it down to 2nd and then over to 3rd and in the bucket.
  • Keep track of any errors that occur or don't place the ball in the bucket. The goal is to make it through the drill without any errors.
  • If you have two players at each position you can have two teams and compete between the teams.
  • You can also have players rotate positions as a good drill for the beginning of the season or tryouts.
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Thanks for the explanations on the rules. I find the rulebook very confusing at times, so it's nice to have a clear explanation.

- Adam T.