Baseball Drills: Infield : Double Play Workup

Drill: Double Play Workup

This infield drill gives players a chance to work on the double play, play multiple positions, field and throw in a game type situation.

Fungo and Baseballs

Have players take a position in the infield.

Start by hitting the ball to the third baseman. He will then throw to second to start the double play. If he miss plays the ground ball or makes a bad throw, he will go to the end of the line, which in this game is first base. The player who has been at the other positions the longest will move up to the next position. First to second; Second to shortstop; Shortstop to Third.

Continue to hit ground balls to all other positions as you would during a normal infield.

To keep it moving and give everyone the same number of ground balls, don't hit more than one ball to each player. So if a shortstop makes and error and has to go to first, don't hit another ground ball to him at first.

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