Baseball Drills: Infield : One-Two Infield Drill

Drill: One-Two Infield Drill

This drill is used to help and infielder develop a method for handling the ground ball hit directly at him.


Draw a close to straight line in the infield dirt, or you can even use a base line if there is a good fielding area.

You've seen it many times where an infielder who has to move to the side to field a ball will normally make the play but the ball hit directly at him will end up in an error. This drill helps an infielder develop some footwork to better handle the ground ball hit directly at him. This will simulate the ground ball that the infielder should charge on, not a ball that's been ripped.

  • The player should start by straddling the line in the dirt in the ready postion.
  • The coach will roll the ball toward the player. As the ball is rolled the player will start to move forward but will move slightly to the right of the line.
  • As the ball approaches the player will perform a "one-two" step to get in position to field the ball. Step one is to place the right foot to the right of the line and step two is to place the left foot on the other side of the ball and the line.
  • Then the fielder will perform another "one-two" step to throw the ball.

drill layout

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