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Drill: Ground ball - Backhand / Round

Helps infielders work on different fielding techniques for ground balls hit to their right.

1 cone or glove for the players and coach to use as a marker; baseball

Set cone up between short and third or between second and short. Coach stands on infield grass. Have a player set up between the cone and first base to catch the throws.


backhand drill graphic

Notes: As your players get comfortable with both techniques, remove the cone and move farther away. This will allow you to throw the ball in different positions, with various hops, and at different speeds. This will help them get comfortable with the footwork required to field most balls that are hit to their right.

With the ball that they can get in front of, make sure you get them to round the ball enough to be able to stop their momemtum for going to the right. This will allow them to field the ball smoothly and make a quick throw. Fielding the ball in front of them while still moving to the right is a difficult play to make and puts them in a poor position to throw the ball.

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