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Drill: Follow the Ball

Warm-up and conditioning infield drill

Infield area with bases and balls.

Place 1 player at each infield position except pitcher. All other players are in a line at SS ready to receive a ground ball.

Coach hits a ground ball to the SS who throw to 1B, who throws to 2B, who throws to 3B who throws home. After each throw the player goes to the base they just threw to for the next round, and the catcher goes to the back of the line at SS (thus follow the ball).

In all cases the focus is on good throws, proper catching technique and tagging. 1B should be focused on a proper step and catch, 2B, 3B and Catcher should receive the ball in the correct manner so they can place the tag quickly.

We use this as a warm up drill to work on several different items quickly, while also working on running and conditioning in quick sprints. Good way to get the blood flowing at the start of a practice. You can also make it a game by counting errors for throwing and catching (fewest points is the winner).

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