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Baseball Drills: Infield : Ground Ball Competition

Drill: Ground Ball Competition

This is a fun competition game for working on fielding grounders and getting in the proper position to field the ball.

8 cones or throw down bases or chalk to define playing area; baseball

Split group into 2 teams. Maximum of 3 or 4 on each team. Can be played with as few as 2 players (1 on 1 game).

ground ball competition graphic

Scoring - Points are given for mistakes and can be given to either the throwing or fielding team. The goal is not to get points. 1 point is added to the team total for each of the following:

First team to 10 points loses.

Notes: You can add additional rules based on what you want them to work on. If you want them to work on fielding the ball in front of them, have a rule that the ball must travel over the back line in play or it is considered a throwing error. This prevents players from trying to cut the corners with the throw. Now, if you would like them to work on fielding balls to the side as well as in front, allow throws to be legal as long as they hit once in the fielding area.

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